Downed Pole in Dumont Rebuilt

Downed Pole in Dumont Rebuilt

The off-road community rallied together over the weekend to replace the famous North Pole located in Dumont Dunes, California. 

"Someone last night or early this morning burnt down the North Pole at Dumont. What pieces of shit" Brandon Steinman first posted to his facebook page on January 18, 2020. 

Steinman's post quickly gained attention when it was posted to the Desert Whips Facebook page. The post gained over 400 interactions and over 150 comments. 

Group members were quick to express their anger towards the situation.

"The few assholes will always ruin it for the many!! No respect!!" Commented one group member. 

Two group members were quick to take action. Tyler Stewart and John Joseph Fernandes explained that they were rolling out the following morning with a group to put up a new pole, and invited anyone that was willing to join in. 

Within 48 hours the North Pole was replaced by committed off-roaders with a passion for their community.