STORAGE FEE: All customers will be notified the same day their vehicle is completed. After the first notice, customers have two (2) full business days to pick up their vehicle.  Please be advised that SXS Industries charges a storage fee when vehicles are left for more than two (2) business days after completion. A $35/day fee will be added to the bill. CLEANING FEE: Please be advised that SXS Industries charges a cleaning fee for excessively dirty vehicles. Extremely dirty, dusty or muddy vehicles will receive a $40 wash before work can begin. Customers will be notified at the time of drop off if this fee will be applicable to their vehicle. DELIVERY FEE: Vehicle drop off and delivery is a service provided IF AVAILABLE. Delivery price is dependent on the distance, time of day and notice given. Storage fee is still applicable during this time if SXS Industries is not available to deliver within two (2) business days. MISLAID/ABANDONED PROPERTY: All products left behind for more than thirty (30) days are considered to be mislaid property. SXS Industries will give three (3) notices regarding the property within the thirty (30) days. Past that, SXS Industries has the right to take ownership of the property.