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Cast Hitman Beadlock Wheel

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The MFX Hitman wheel launched into the racing scene at the beginning of this year, when Can Am racer Kyle Chaney captured Second Place at The King of the Hammers without a single tire change. With a high positive offset and narrow width, the Hitman is the perfect setup to fly through the dirt, while also conquering the most aggressive climbing trails with ease. We decided to take this epic forged platform and create a stunning cast version with nearly all of the same unique features. With UTV Racing growing and limits continuing to be pushed, we strive to stay at the forefront of producing the most stylish and highest performing wheels to fit every enthusiasts budget. This wheel features a 6061 billet beadlock ring for added strength and durability, along with a billet lightweight R-Spec center cap.

Available in 4x136/137 and 4x156 with a +38 offset:



Raw - Matte Black - Gloss Bronze