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Mounts - Mob Mount Switch Mounts - Mob Mount Switch Mounts - Mob Mount Switch Mounts - Mob Mount Switch
$ 64.99
  • The Mob Mount Switch is the ultimate solution in smartphone holders. The Switch combines the two mounting options from the original Mob Mount (magnet & bar) into one extreme mount with the ability to hold up in the toughest conditions. The Switch comes with a powder coat finish for durability and is available in multiple colors to suit your style. There are currently two mounting options with more to come for this versatile product due to it’s unique design with a universal bracket.

    Patent pending design.

    What is in the box:

    For Magnet Mount: 1x ball swivel housing and neodymium magnet with rubber boot
    2x steel mounting disks

    For Bar Mount: 1x adjustable bar mount

    1x Instructions

  • The magnetic mounting option comes with a 90 pound-pull neodymium magnet that can attach to any steel surface.
    The magnetic mount will also come with 2 steel mounting discs AKA Mob Discs. These discs are weather-proof and come with a VHB adhesive backing (proven secure by GoPro!) that will allow you to attach the mount to any flat surface.

    If you don’t need as strong of a magnet pull, don’t worry! Included with the magnetic accessory is a rubber boot that will decrease the strength of the magnet to half the original pull.

  • The bar/bike mount is the perfect mounting accessory for quick and tool-less installation and removal on square, round, odd shaped rails and bars.
    The clamp can open its jaws and grab anything between 0.75 inch to 1.5 inch (20mm to 40mm).

  • Why Use Screws?

    Here at Mob Armor, we have learned that the best way, is not always the fast way. Our mounts are designed to stand up to the challenge and perform in rough situations. This includes 100+ mile off-road motorcycle adventures.

    When switching between mounts our studies show it only takes one minute or less. We have found that these small 18-8 stainless steel screws are incredibly strong. Being that we are making these mounts from sheet metal, we opted for a strong, and practical switch method.

    Every mount will include an extra hardware set in case one screw did go missing, you’re not out of luck. The 1/16 allen wrench is standard and something many people already own, we will also be including them with each accessory and mount.